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Elite Restoration  - FIRE DAMAGE Service Visalia
The damage caused by the fire goes far beyond the original flame, and we have the latest tools to help you eliminate fire destruction. Smoke, odor, smoke, or damaged household goods. Our experts are ready and waiting to rebuild your house or labor promptly.

Elite Restoration  - WATER DAMAGE Service Visalia
The water will fill any possible space, and the flood will not wait for your time. Equipped with the latest technology, our technicians are always ready to solve wood rot, rust, delamination, and other problems.

Elite Restoration  - MOLD REMEDIATION Service Visalia
The growth of mold can cause various problems, from headaches and stuffy nose to rashes and breathing difficulties. Our professional team is always ready to protect your family or employees.

Elite Restoration  - DISASTER DAMAGE Service Visalia
No one can predict disasters often happen when you least expect them. Whether it is a water leak or a storm, our professional repair staff will help you clean up and restore the damaged or lost condition

Welcome To Elite Restoration

Elite Restoration By Villegas provides the best restoration and repair service in Tulare, King, and Fresno county’s. It seems too often that a fire, flood, or disaster is just the beginning of the problems. People lose beloved possessions and spend weeks jumping through insurance hoops only to get a marginal service that leaves traces behind of repair.

With Elite Restoration by Villegas, you are not just getting a quick fix: you’re getting professional treatment from individuals who really care. We know that you have options when choosing a restoration service, but we pride ourselves on being a simple, hassle-free service. We have the latest technology, certified, professional teams, and work with all major insurance carriers. Our service teams are on call 24/7 ready to help you when you need it.

Why Choose Us

Advanced Equipment and Professionals
We don’t skimp on tools – our fully trained professionals have access to all the latest equipment. This means your home is restored with the minimum amount of interruption, to the highest possible quality. Make sure to choose the professionals who get things done right the first time.

Certified Professionals
Elite Restoration  - II crc certificated Service


Home Insurance Partners
We work with every major insurance company in California, and many of the smaller ones too. These existing relationships we have mean that your restoration work can typically be started with minimum fuss and paperwork. We won’t just come in and remove the problem: we want to make it look as if disaster never came, and return as much of what you lost as we can. Give us a call today, and we’ll take care of the rest. From pretest to post-service inspection, our professional staff will work with you to give you the peace of mind that you need during a time like this.

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